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Located in Buckland, Qu├ębec, Gabaplastinc.was founded in1994 byFrancisLabrecque,with 25years experiencein the field ofinjection moulding and by Sylvie Fradette, engineer.

Specialized in injection moulding, Gabaplast inc. manufactures its own line of paint accessories and provides injection moulding services to various clients in North America. Over the years, Gabaplast inc. has acquired a solid expertise in the moulding of products made from recycled plastics and other polymers. Having developed its own press feeding technology, this allows for significant productivity gains which help maintain very competitive pricing, especially against products from China and other parts of the world.

In 2005, Gabaplast inc. moved to new premises. This enabled the company to increase its production capacity by acquiring new injection moulding presses and optimize the layout of the plant to increase productivity. Gabaplast inc. currently has 10 injection moulding machines with capacities varying from 66 to 500 tons, allowing it to produce a variety of important pieces with all current polymers. The company serves customers
located in Canada and United States.

Francis Labrecque

President, Gabaplast Inc.

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